Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Imperfect by Tina Chan

I received a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

Recently I have been let down by many Dystopian books and have came close to abandoning the Genre but it's books like this that make it worthwhile reading through all the S*** in this genre.
Imperfect was great. The characters where engaging and I enjoyed reading about their journey. there were many surprising twists in the story and I like how you learn more about the world this story is set in as you go through the books rather than a huge info dump at the beginning and even although not everything is explained in this book i think we will learn more as the series continues.
Another great thing about this book is it isn't over run with romance yes there is a little but it is far more realistic you can see the attraction building without the characters just throwing themselves at each other like most other books. 

I could see this happening in the world with people being obsessed with perfection and all this playing around with DNA the way they are these days were not far off having a world like the one in this book. that in my opinion is what makes a great dystopian story. very believable.

Can't wait to read more of this story.