Saturday, 15 June 2013

Review: Kamilla - Amity #1 by Kirsten Lee

received a free copy through Goodreads first Reads and here is my honest review.

I usually do not read Short Stories/Novellas and when I do i don't review them as i never have much to say. I entered the giveaway because the story looked interesting and I expected to give a shorter review than normal (and if an author give me a free copy I will always review) 

Now on to the review.


Kamilla is a prosecutor who has lived in the small town Amity for three months. She is also a human lie detector and although this may come in handy for her job it makes it hard for her to have a relationship and she tries to distance herself from romance and for the three months she has been living in Amity she has fought the attraction she felt towards Sheriff Xander who also has secrets of his own.

Kamilla soon learns that she is not the only woman who has been drawn to the small town and is certainly not the only one with a special power. Gifted women have always been drawn to the town and now Kamilla and Four other women (one of whom we meet in this book)have came to the town and later than they should have. Someone or something is trying to keep them away. 

Great NAUGHTY book for older readers.

My only compliant about this story is that it is to short and I would have loved to read more. Can not wait to read more about the Small town of Amity and will be buying the other books when they come out.

Thank you Kirsten Lee for the free copy Enjoyed reading and will be keeping an eye out for more of your books.

Now I just need to order a copy of Kirsten's NICE book Unravelled.

Link To Book: Kamilla