Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Princess of Death by Renee Travis: Book Review

Princess of Death
Genre: YA fantasy, romance
Publication Date: March 11th 2013
Rating: 4/5 stars
Source: given to me by the author for review
Summary (via goodreads): Enter the world of Sumerian mythology...

Ereshkigal was born in the dark, destined to have powers over death and destruction. As the princess of a land divided into light, grey, and dark, she will never be queen. Instead, her parents dote on her younger sister Ishtar, who was born in the grey land.

After meeting an intriguing demon prince, Ereshkigal embarks on many adventures including visiting a haunted plantation, an attack by zombies, and defeating an evil sorceress. These trials lead her to start a revolution to free her land of darkness from the stifling oppression brought on by the grey and light.
Review: I haven't read fantasy books in a while so I am very happy to say that I enjoyed reading Princess of Death. It was an interesting book with a very unique setting. The setting in this book was very original, well-written and simple enough to grasp, unlike a lot of fantasy books. I loved all the different creatures that readers are introduced to. I seriously loved the setting of Princess of Death. However, the romance in this book felt a little rushed but it was cute. At the beginning of the book, I did think that a love triangle was going to emerge but that didn't happen (to my relief). The main character, Ereshkigal, was interesting to read about. I have never really read a book in the point of view of a very dark character (she's practically evil!). I am a little upset that Princess of Death is a stand-alone book, I would love to read more about the events that occur past the Epilogue! Overall, this book was a great read and it is definitely worth a read to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels with some romance.