Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review: Mortality by Kellie Sheridan

Free copy provided on Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
I'm not usually one for Zombie books and there are only a couple I have read and even at that if they are in a series I don't usually bother with the next book as they just don't interest me enough BUT when I seen this book on Netgalley I thought it looked good plus I liked the cover (yes I know I shouldn't judge by the cover but we all do it). 
This is by far the best Zombie book I have ever read.
It starts off 6 months  after the second wave of Z's (Zombies) started. The main Character Savannah  has been living in her school along with the other survivors in her town and she had been training to fight the Z's. when she and her friends are sent on a run to get some medical supplies from a pharmacy in an area of the town that has mostly been cleared of Z's she decides to change paths and try to get better supplies from the over run medical center and when her plan to distract the Z's goes wrong her town has to evacuate. we then meet Cole (who I don't really like or trust for some reason) son of a scientist who helped create the Vaccine which lead to the second wave. Cole wants Savannah's help getting back to his family with things he collected to make another cure and Savannah with a chance to save one of her friends and glad to be able to do something gladly helps and is soon falling for Cole.
Throughout the Story we also get to read a little in another POV. Starting on the first day of the first wave we meet Zarah who is just going through a normal day of school when the news is put on and everything goes to hell. She is saved from school by the new guy Liam who she has had a Crush on. They grow close while waiting for rescue. When the second wave hits they run together looking for somewhere safe where they can be together. I loved reading the later scenes with Zarah after she is bitten (don't think this is much of a spoiler due to the cover) being inside the mind of a Zombie was interesting and it's the first time I have read anything from the POV of a Zombie. 
I hated how the book ended and was in tears. Really can't wait to read the next book.