Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shinobi 7 by L.Benitez: Book Review

Shinobi 7: Trials of a Warrior (#1)
*a copy of the book was provided to me for review
Rating: 4/5 stars
Summary (via goodreads):Enter the feudal world of Shaaku Den...

A world that used to be peaceful until the uprising of the evil geisha Black Rose and the ruthless warrior Rengoku. Together the two are the Blackthorn Clan and they have turned Shaaku Den into their battlefield, conquering and killing the innocent for their own gain. Blackthorn has instigated destruction and the only ones left to fight back is the surviving Kitsune Clan.

Follow the adventures of six young individuals who are now soldiers in the legendary Kitsune Clan. Do they have what it takes to be a warrior and fight against Blackthorn? Can they save their world from Black Rose's evil thorns? This is a time of war in Shaaku Den— seen through the eyes of six unlikely youths. Will they overcome the trials of warfare?

Review: Being a fan of ninjas and anything that has to do with kicking butt, I was looking forward to reading the book, and L.Benitez did not disappoint! This book was filled with action, butt kicking and awesomeness (in the words of Luna, an eight year old character in the book). I enjoyed reading about all six characters and how they came together to form a team. It was interesting to read this book through the eyes of six different misfit kids. I also enjoyed all the character developments. I was a little disappointed that nothing happened between certain characters (no spoiler!). I really enjoyed the world that L.Benitez created. It's full of ninjas and dark spirits that threaten the safety of everyone living in Shaaku Den. Overall, if you like strong heroes and people fighting their inner demons, this book is for you. I am very excited to read more and I hope that a sequel is in the works!