Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Love Me - The Keatyn Chronicles #4 by Jillian Dodd


So Love me was released yesterday and  I was not happy at all! Why was I unhappy? because thanks to my stupid computer needing a new charger I had to spen my book money *Cries* but luckily for me one of the very kind members from the KC Addicts group on facebook (Join if you love this series its great) gifted me a copy through Amazon so THANK YOU!!! so much Mandy you are amazing.

Anyway on to my review.

As usual with books written by Jillian Dodd (who happens to be one of the best authors EVER!) I was Crying, Laughing, Swooning, Drooling with some more Laughing, Crying and plenty more Drooling and Swooning. One minute i'd be shouting be with AIDEN you know he's perfect for you (which I was through most of the book) and then I was taken back to when I read Stalk Me and was wishing for B (just a little) then it was Dawson I wanted he to be with (which is funny because I have NEVER wanted her with Dawson before he just didn't do it for me until now) and now I don't know who she should choose because they are all right for her in some way and that not even getting into all the other hotties Keatyn spends her time with (Is it bad I want her life?). 
Keatyn goes through quite a hard time but it really makes her grow and I think she really is learning to love herself and she is growing into a great young woman she has made a lot of mistakes and bad decisionsIn  her life but she really is learning from them and I was so proud of her in the end. 
I don't wan't to say anymore about the awesomeness of this book because I would end up spoiling it for the people who haven't had a chance to read it yet but I will say it is one of the best additions to the series yet and I really can not wait to read adore me in November. 

November is so far away :( 
I need to know what her reaction to that is!!!!

And if your wondering what i'm talking about then you really NEED to read Love Me right now. You HAVE to see that ending! 
It's even better than the end of Date Me!!

If you haven't read Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #1) then you should and it is FREE on Amazon

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