Review Policy

Please read before requesting a review.

If you would like a review please make sure we are accepting what you are offering before sending.

There will not be any Erotica covers placed on the blog 
due to me having a young child who often sits with me while on the laptop and I don't wan't him looking at the covers (he is only 3 so still too young) plus we also have some teen readers so not wanting them to be put off. - Caitlin

What Genre will I accept? 

Caitlin - Urban Fantasy (YA,NA,Adult)
Dystopia (YA mostly but may try NA and Adult)
Contemporary Romance (Ya,NA)
Paranormal Romance (Ya) 

(I do prefer UF to PNR)

 Shelly - YA novels
- Fantasy (any age group)
- Dystopia (preferably teen)
- Sci-Fi (any age group)
- Post-apocalypse (preferably teen)

Will I accept audiobooks?
Caitlin - Sorry but no. I like to read my books and hate listening to them.

Shelly -I'm sorry but no.

Will I accept Ebooks?
Caitlin - Yes but I do prefer paperbacks but know the cost of shipping can be to high if you are outside the uk.

Shelly -  Yes

What format of ebook do I prefer?
Caitlin - as I only have a Kindle I would rather be sent Mobi but I can convert other formats.

Shelly- I would prefer ePub format but if necessary I can accept pdf files.

Will I accept ARC's?
Caitlin - Yes I am happy to read ARC's of books as long as you give me the release date and let me know when the review is needed.

Shelly- Yes

Will I accept finished copies?
Caitlin -Yes.

Shelly - Of course!

Will I accept self-published Authors?
Caitlin - Yes

Shelly - Yes

Do I guarantee a good review ?

Caitlin - No. I will always give my honest opinion on a book and if the book is terrible I will say so. I will also add in my review why I don't like a book and will justify any bad reviews. If I don't enjoy a book but think others may like it I will say so because I don't think that just because I don't personally like a book that automatically makes it rubbish. All of my reviews will be 100%  HONEST 

Shelly -No, I will always be honest in my reviews

If a book meets all of these requirements am i guaranteed to read it?
No as many books will meet all of the requirements and I can not accept them all even if I wanted to but that's not to say I won't go out to buy it at a later date if it interests me enough.

If I reject one book i'm asked to review will I read another by the same Author?
Caitlin - It all depends on the book not the author so yes I may read another book written by an author i rejected before and it goes the same the other way around I may also reject an author I have read and enjoyed before. 

Why I've not replied to your email/request?
Caitlin - I may not reply to all requests if i don't get back after a week you can assume I will not be reviewing. I don't want to be rude so will try to get back to everyone but that may not always be possible.

How to request a review?
Caitlin - Email me at caitlinellenobrien92 @ with the subject Review me please! (I will ignore any requests not titled Review me please! so I will know my review policy has been read before anyone requests a review) and let me know:
Your name, Book title, Book description, format available (ebook,paperback), Is it an ARC or finished copy. 
If you are planning on sending paperbacks please keep in mind i live in the UK so look into shipping costs before asking for the review.

Shelly - You can email me at

What else is available?
Caitlin - Author and character interviews, Author spotlights, Giveaways and Cover reveals